Founded in 1993 by economist Mario Spaniol, who is still the company’s president and CEO, Carmen Steffens is located in Franca, São Paulo. Carmen Steffens has become one of the most desired domestic brands and is now the fastest international growing Brazilian fashion label.

The brand showcases its unique identity through products which incorporate international trends with Carmen Steffen’s unique Brazilian style that seduce and win customers’ loyalty the world over.

The production infrastructure of Carmen Steffens, which includes its own leather tannery Couroquímica, enables the company to manufacture extremely exclusive, limited-run products that are very diverse and of the highest quality. More than 80% of the company’s products are produced in-house.

With more than 560 stores, including in the USA, France, South Africa and Argentina, the company sells not only shoes and handbags, but also the men’s brand Raphael Steffens and the CS Teen brand for girls.


As a vertically integrated company, Carmen Steffens designs and manufactures exclusive, sensual, elegant and uniquely Brazilian fashion solutions and offers these through a captivating retail experience to discriminating fashion-forward consumers who are style conscious, brand savvy and don’t mind being noticed.


It is the goal of Carmen Steffens to be the most desirable Brazilian fashion label worldwide; recognized, admired and respected by our employees, partners and customers.


Carmen Steffens builds and maintains a loyal and ethical relationship with all employees and business partners; produces products through a combination of innovative design, efficient modern technologies and individual craftsmanship; and maintains the highest standards regarding both quality and comfort, all the while exercising social responsibility and respecting the environment.


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