High Summer 2018

The Carmen Steffens Summer 2018 collection arrives bringing a mix of inspiring references that promise to please the classic woman who prefers contemporary looks. However, it also offers countless possibilities for the more fashionista at heart. Hot trends include items that have everything to become “must-haves” during the season that reflects the very essence of the woman.

Tropical fruits add freshness to the collection, translating the year’s most colorful season. The theme appears in details found in shoes, handbags, and accessories.

Reaffirming tropicalism, floral inspirations become the high points of the collection. Revealed in a variety of ways, from delicate flowers to roses that play a leading role, their symbolic presence has revealed classic and elegant prints and adds a splash of sensuality to the season.

Complementing this scenario that promotes contact with the natural world, delicate animals stand out through insects that enrich metals and embroidery in different clothing styles. The hummingbird print also captures this universe with freshness and a good vibe feel that the end of the year inspires.

To feel the fresh breeze of the sea, light-colored, almost pastel tones, paired with charming shells, pearls, anchors, and fish, navigate directly from the marine universe to breathe life into modern looks. Taking advantage of the wave, the metallized textures and holographic details – all the buzz this season – create unique items, reproducing the mirrored surfaces that reflect the modern mermaid with beauty and sophistication.

A rocker flare is the key to our most powerful looks yet! Glitter and metallic tones are the big stars! Mouths and lipsticks invade handbags and shoes, lending all the charm and irreverence that the CS woman so desires
Rich details brought all the way from India are featured in the laser applications on handbags and sophisticated wallets, not to mention the stonework that creates a mix of highly luxurious items.

Style is the keyword for the season. Lightweight fabrics and fluffy frills ring in the most anticipated season of the year with soft and elegant shapes, asymmetrical collars and flared sleeves. Mules and powerful clogs with wide straps also are present in the modern woman’s daily look.

The trends don’t stop there. To win the spotlight, reversible garments with stripes and transparencies also appear on the scene. Insoles with irreverent prints and a lovely pink print on the soles prove that even the most minute details can make all the difference when creating the look.

Welcome to the Carmen Steffens Summer 2018. Luxury, exclusivity, and sophistication from head to toe.


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