Spring/Summer 2018 collection by Carmen Steffens is designed to dress a modern woman today. Woman with attitude, and who is not afraid to dare with her own style. In this way, the pieces were divided into five themes: Glam Chic, Funny Pop, Oriental Summer, Power Garden and Tropical Navy.

All the characteristic brightness of the collections Carmen Steffens can be seen in the Glam Chic line, which has been bringing inspiring references for women who do not dispense unique and exclusive details. There are garments with transparency, and a charming metallic touch that come to life in this line. For the feet, what promises to be very successful, are the shoes with acrylic heels, embroideries, jewels referring to Byzantine art, and some details in silicone. Among the predominant tones are silver, aged silver, gold, rose gold and pink metallic.
For those who want to wear a more modern look, the trend is dominating the Street Style, style that is still high and is present in our Pop Funny line. In that, jeans have a very important role, along with other notable elements that also make up this fun mix; The beloved patches, colorful pompoms and lace in the form of stars. Vibrant hues such as pink, turquoise, royal blue and greenery – chosen as the color of the year 2017, make it beautiful
alongside the traditional double composed by B&W.

A trip to the other side of the world guaranteed super feminine and imposing garments for women Carmen Steffens enjoy the most anticipated season. The delicacy of the embroidered flowers makes all the difference, especially the classic cherry blossom. The emblematic figure of the dragon is imposed on the prints and embroidery. Colors such as yellow, white, red, royal blue, gold and black are the stars of the Oriental Summer line.
Our Power Garden has everything to do with this season, because it brings the trends that immediately refer us to hot days. Floral and animal prints and embroidery come on the scene, with powerful prints that cannot be missed in the women’s Carmen Steffens closet – Whatever the season!

Earthy tones, red and soft candy colors are the basis of this line filled with desirable garments.
The nautical style that we already know is reinvented, with a more sophisticated air and its exclusive designs designed for this Tropical Navy line. The prints are a mixture of strings, stripes and elements brought from the bottom of the sea – which gain prominence when combining smooth pieces with off-white, navy blue and red colors. Lace moorings and finishes made with rope reinforce the trend that has everything to conquer the CS Lovers.


In this season, the personalization work gained more space in the collection and, with that, we bring a novelty that fans of the brand go to love, which are the personalized templates with motifs inspired by our lines.
Heart, cat, Greek eye, star and dragon are the reasons that make the templates even more special, as all CS Lovers deserve.

Spring / Summer 2018 season by Carmen Steffens brings together the brightness of a glam line, the trends of the moment that are high in Street Style, influences from the East, the power of tropical motifs and the elegance of the navy style. All this to satisfy the demands of modern women, passionate about fashion and the luxury we transmit in each of our products!


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